Hillary, Gabe and Andrea | Mom and Me | Newark, NJ

May, 2018

Oh boy! these photos are SO special to me. This was not the first time photographing Hillary and Gabe. However, Hillary wanted to give her mother something very special, a gift that will last and they will treasure for the rest of their lifetime.


Hillary is one of the most amazing, interesting and beautiful inside and out women I've ever met. She came from Colombia when she was only four years old. She is also a caring mom, and a great daughter. In addition, she is an entrepreneur like me, managing her own insurance agency. Seriously! check her page out!!! https://www.instagram.com/hillarysermeno/?hl=en

But why was this photo shoot so special to her?

Hillary was telling me about those times when her mom had multiple jobs when she was little. Andrea worked at a shoe store which Hillary went to everyday after school. The other job Andrea had was cleaning some offices after closing the shoe store. Hillary helped her mom as much as she could.  She had a very tough life but she always has a smile on her face, willing to overcome any barriers while respecting and caring everyone the same way. 

Hillary learned from her mom, Andrea, to be a hardworking woman, devoted and loving mother; as a result, she is very present in the life of her son, Gabe. She takes Gabe to work and everywhere with her as her mom took her when she was little. As she said, "Gabe and I have more than a mother and son relationship, we are best friends"

Hillary was very grateful with her mom for the sacrifices that she did and wanted to capture her bonding with each other. I was honored to capture this special moment.

"I can honestly say that the photo session with Gabriel and my mom was one of the most amazing experiences ever. It’s a session I will treasure forever, the two people I love most in my life. Capturing special moments with them are priceless, thank you Judy"



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