Traveling to Parenthood

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

This blog is very special to me! Ralph and Paulina are expecting their first baby! And I had the honor of capturing their Pregnancy Announcement photos. Paulina was one of Marlon's first friend when he arrived to the states. Marlon is so grateful for all the help and support she offered him when he needed.

Marlon and I met Paulina 13 years ago at a community college in New Jersey.

We became friends on Facebook, it was a way to keep each other connected.

Paulina and Ralph have been together for 14 years now. Whenever Paulina talked about Ralph, you were able to see a sparkle on her eye.

I was fascinated to see some photos when Ralph proposed Paulina in the middle of the world, literally on the equator line in Ecuador.

I had the pleasure to finally met Ralph the day of the session.

The only thing I can say is that these two are deeply in love and crazy about each other. The affection for each other comes out easily and gushes love all over.

Their relationship is truly inspiring.

I had the pleasure and privilege of being at the front row seat with this big announcement that their families and closed friends have been waiting for SO long. Not many people knew and they were going to announce few weeks later that they were pregnant. I was one of the few knowing and capturing this special event. I was so eager to post their pregnancy announcement photos all over my social media.

For this couple, this pregnancy has been such a blessing. Paulina had felt very good despite the heartburn.

This spring Paulina and Ralph will welcome their first baby. The lovely couple do not know what they are having and guess what?... they do not want to know. It’s going to be their biggest surprise.




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